PERA HUB goes mobile: Services made available through the PERA HUB App and Visa Prepaid Card

Customers can now enjoy PERA HUB services at the comfort of their own homes. PERA HUB’s remittance and e-loading services are now made easier, safer, and more accessible with the new updates on the PERA HUB App and Visa Prepaid Card launched earlier this year.

Customers can enroll their PERA HUB Visa Prepaid Card to the PERA HUB app to enjoy the new functionalities of the app such as to directly send and receive money via Western Union, avail gaming pins, and buy prepaid load. Powered by EON, the PERA HUB Visa Prepaid Card is available in all PERA HUB branches for only P150.

Customers who still prefer to transact in the branch can benefit from the Express Branch Transaction feature which will allow customers to “stage” their transactions in the app for a faster and more convenient way of transacting in PERA HUB branches. Afterwards, they can visit any PERA HUB branch, show their mobile number and pay or receive money for their transaction.

“For our Stage and Pay app functionality, we are basically removing the use of paper forms in filling up the remittance details. You can do that on the app. This saves time, money and the environment,” says Ian Ocampo, PETNET President and CEO.

Meanwhile, cardholders of the PERA HUB Visa Prepaid Card can enjoy cashless purchase, online shopping, and cash-ins in PERA HUB branches and withdrawals in any Bancnet (local) or VISA (international) ATMs.

“We want to go beyond our retail network and cater to more customers so they can enjoy the convenience and accessibility of our financial services. By doing this, we make it easier for everyone to transact with PERA HUB anytime, anywhere in the country”, says Ocampo..

With PERA HUB’s strategy to go digital, it fulfills the ever-changing needs of the market to enjoy convenient yet secured cash and payment-related transactions.

The PERA HUB app is available for download on Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).

The PERA HUB Visa Prepaid Card and Mobile App
PERA HUB Visa Prepaid Card and Mobile App Activation at PERA HUB Pencourt and Guagua Branches

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