PETNET celebrates milestones and gears towards the future

It was a night of recognition as PETNET employees gathered at Casa Ibarra in their emerald green attire in celebration of the company’s 20th Founding Anniversary with the theme “PETNET @ 20: Celebrating Milestones, Valuing People” last August 10, 2018. The celebration highlighted the service awardees and the notable employees who contributed to the company’s success.

Larry T. Ocampo, PETNET Inc. President and CEO, warmly welcomed the guests in his opening remarks with his message highlighting how the company has transformed for the past 20 years.

“Twenty (20) years, ang dami nang nangyari. Many of you have been with me through that journey and as you saw, up down up down, but basically, the downs are less down and the ups are more up and that basically is what I think is going to happen in the next twenty (20) years.” he emphasized.

Mr. Ocampo mentioned that with the right group of people he sees the company to grow and achieve even more success in the coming years. “We’ve done a lot, we’re together, we have fantastic new partners and I think that even if they have many challenges moving forward and we do have many challenges going forward, we have even more opportunities ahead of us.” he assured the crowd.

City Savings Bank’s President and CEO Eugene S. Acevedo solidified PETNET’s bright future as he shared with the crowd how PETNET contributes to the strategic directions of CSB. He particularly noted how in today’s competitive industry, PETNET can focus on the opportunities in the horizon.

“We know that there’s migration from counter to internet servicing. We know that our customers are changing their habit. But I like to quote my favorite politician, Churchill, who said ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’. Reminding everyone that during difficult times, we see great opportunities.” he stated.

One of these opportunities is CSB’s plan in piloting one or few PETNET outlets to do banking services such as opening accounts, taking deposits, allowing withdrawals and taking loans and eventually make every single PETNET outlet to truly be the “hub of pera.”

He also added that PETNET is fast transitioning to being a fintech company with two high potential programs that will compete in both the digital space and through its branch networks.

Highlighting how PETNET can get these things moving, he shared, “The primary value of the company is its people. Our people will make the transformation happen, our people will create a new PETNET and our people will ensure that the next 5 and the next 20 years will be filled with excitement and achievement. And the next 5 and 20 years will be ours.” said Mr. Acevedo.

“So long as we work together as a team, we will have the courage to conquer any obstacle. So long as we sync our goal, we assess our mission and perform our jobs with a passion, our spirit will endure and we shall reach the peak and plant our flag in the fintech firmament.”, said PETNET’s EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Elba Gacutan as she caps her message and signaled the start of the celebration.

Truly, PETNET gears itself to becoming a company of the future as it transforms and strengthens to meet the changing needs of the market.

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