PETNET launches Company Quality Policy

Last November 21, 2017, PETNET, Inc. launched the company Quality Policy during the 2nd Town Hall for this year. The event was held at the East Offices Building in Makati with the theme, “YES to Quality: PETNET’s Quality Policy Cascade”.

PETNET Inc.’s President, Larry T. Ocampo addressing the questions from PETNET employees about quality policy during PETNET 2nd Town Hall last November 21, 2017.

The said event is part of the company’s initiative to strive to be more competitive and become one of the companies in the industry to be certified with ISO 9001: 2015. PETNET is committed in providing cash and payment-related solutions through fast and friendly service, hence, making it more convenient for our customers. Such commitment is imbibed with the company’s corporate values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, responsibility and friendliness which are our main basis of conducting our business.

To fulfill PETNET’s commitment of providing good service to its customers and stakeholders, the company has adopted a Quality Management System (QMS) that serves as a guide in promoting excellence on how the company do things that is also abiding with the laws, rules, and regulations.

To ensure the proper integration of the business process, PETNET, Inc.’s President Larry T. Ocampo, encouraged all the employees to do their part to drive business excellence. “Everybody is responsible to deliver a certain degree of excellence. I urge everyone to take an active role is making this quality journey a success,” he said.

It is big and courageous step for PETNET as they strive to become one of the few companies in their industry to be certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Hence, it requires the company to implement robust processes, incorporate improvements and practice business excellence as their way of life.

PETNET, Inc. was established on August 12, 1998. The primary purpose then was to grow the network of Western Union in the Philippines. PETNET’s over 2,500-branch network, composed of company-owned and sub-agent locations, is geared towards the service of Western Union with complementary products such as money changing, bills payment, airline ticketing, cell phone loads, and micro-insurance.

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