Quality & Information Security Policy

We, at PETNET, Inc., are committed to provide financial solutions through fast, secure, convenient, and friendly service to our customers, whether be it through our retail branch network, sales associates, online platforms, or mobile application. Our commitment is rooted in our core values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, responsibility, and friendliness, which guide us in conducting our business. 

To fulfill our commitment to our customers and other stakeholders, our Company has adopted Quality Management System (QMS) and Information Security Management System (ISMS) to promote excellence in the way we do things, within the purview of laws, rules and regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe. 

To ensure integration of our QMS and ISMS into our business processes, we have established this Quality Policy and set measurable quality and information security objectives which are aligned to our strategic directions and to the requirements of our stakeholders. We regularly monitor the effectiveness of the QMS and ISMS, pursue continual improvement, and as necessary, address any gap using collaborative and systematic problem solving. 

To promote and protect the interest of our stakeholders, we take advantage of emerging opportunities and embrace risk-based thinking as part of our shared practices across the organization. 

Our Management Team demonstrate leadership and commitment to quality and information security by communicating to our stakeholders this Policy and the importance of achieving effectiveness of our QMS and ISMS. Our Leaders take accountability of meeting the objectives of the QMS and ISMS by providing necessary resources, by advocating the application of Quality Management principles, risk-based thinking, information security, and continual improvement, and by developing an environment that stimulates learning and fosters engagement of our people. 

At PETNET, Quality and Information Security are everyone’s responsibility. 


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