Q & A:


Q: What are the requirements in applying for GSIS Pension Loans?

A: Application Form, SOA (txn for the last month), 2 valid ID’s (Pensioner), Co-Makers ID


Q: What is MRI?

A: Mortgage Redemption Insurance

Decreasing-term life insurance policy taken by a mortgagor to repay the balance on a mortgage loan if he or she dies before its full repayment. (Source:



Q:  What are the qualifications of a Co-maker?

A: 18 years of age, with Valid ID, atleast 3rd degree consanguinity/blood-related


  1. How much is the interest rate and Bank Charges?

A: 15% Diminishing interest rate and 6%  bank charge


Q: How much is Minimum and Maximum amount of Loan?

A: 30K – 150K


Q: How much is the amount of Net Take Home Pay (NTHP) required?

A: Php 3,000.00


Q: What is the Maximum Loan Term?

A: 24 Months


Q: How many Pension credits are required to be eligible for the Loan?

A: Atleast 1 month pension credit

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