Domestic & International Remittance Services

Todo ang padala, todo rin sa partners!

Through our roster of trusted remittance partners available online and/or in any PERA HUB branch nationwide we guarantee 100% safety and reliability for your domestic and international money transfers!



Why remit with us?

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Safe and secure handling of your money

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Cash Availability

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No maximum transaction limit

Choose how you'll send your money



  1. Visit the nearest PERA HUB Branch or Authorized Agent

  2. Fill out the required information

  3. Present the form to the teller

  4. Claim or send your money

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Direct Send/Receive via App

  1. Download and register on the PERA HUB Mobile App

  2. Link your PERA HUB Visa Prepaid Card to the PERA HUB Mobile App using your Customer ID Number located at the upper right part of your official receipt

  3. Select Send/Receive Money on the PERA HUB Mobile App

  4. Choose Send/Receive via App as your method to process your transaction

  5. Fill out the required information in the app

  6. Once successful, the amount you sent/received will ow reflect on your PERA HUB Visa Prepaid Card Balance shown on your Account Page

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PERA HUB Mobile App

Enjoy hassle-free remittance, bills payment, bank transfers, and more with the PERA HUB Mobile App! Download now!

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